About Us

Welcome to Solidisco, the heart of a community-driven initiative that’s changing the way we think about sustainability and sharing. Our platform is more than just a website; it’s a vibrant hub where locals come together to support each other, reduce waste, and champion a more eco-conscious way of life.

Our Mission At Solidisco, we are on a mission to facilitate connections among individuals who offer free refills and those seeking to embrace a lifestyle that’s kinder to our planet. We firmly believe that in the collective efforts of communities, we can achieve significant positive change. Our platform empowers you to make environmentally friendly choices while nurturing relationships within your neighborhood.

Our Story Solidisco’s journey began with a simple yet profound idea: “What if we could encourage and celebrate the act of refilling within our communities?” This question ignited a spark in our founders, who were passionate about sustainability, collaboration, and the power of small actions to drive big transformations.

Why Solidisco? Imagine a world where your water bottle is always replenished, your coffee cup never goes empty, and your cleaning supplies come without the burden of excess plastic waste. This is the vision that propels Solidisco forward. We’re committed to making resources accessible while minimizing the strain on our environment.

How It Works Our platform seamlessly connects local refills providers and seekers. If you’re a generous soul or a forward-thinking business offering complimentary refills, Solidisco offers you a platform to showcase your contributions. Whether you run a café offering free coffee refills, manage a communal water station, or have a setup where neighbors can refill household essentials, your involvement matters. If you’re eager to minimize waste and locate nearby refill points, our intuitive search function will guide you to the options nearest to you.

Join Us in Making a Difference Solidisco is not just a website; it’s a movement. It’s about transforming how we relate to our environment and one another. By becoming a part of our community, you’re not merely accessing free refills – you’re joining a network that’s dedicated to forging a more sustainable future. Together, we inspire change, urge local businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, and cultivate a culture of sharing that enriches us all.