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Finally, you are here, looks like you have decided to break the barriers and pursue what you love and you have chosen piano, that is just icing on the cake. Dave Brubeck, the American jazz pianist used to say “It’s like a whole orchestra, the piano for me.” 

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to bring your typical piano everywhere with you. And that’s why roll up pianos are made which can be taken anywhere, as the name suggests it can roll up and can fit in a bag easily. They can be transported easily. So, take your music with you and grab that feeling of an incredible music journey. These roll-up pianos are not just meant for practicing; they are good in providing new ways of learning and are embedded with technological advancements which further enhance your skills. This article will be a guide to the beginners and as well as the experts. Below are some of the best roll up pianos out there, have a look.

1. Lujex Portable 61 Keys Roll Up Electronic Piano

D’Addario Prelude Violin Strings is a solid steel core string that comes in various scales. They provide durability that is unparalleled in its price range, with a warm tone and adjustable tension. It has a quick bow response, which makes it an ideal fit for students and beginners. As far as violin string names go, D’Addario is very well known because of being the Educator’s Choice. It is highly stable when it comes to pitches and tuning, and brings in a unique blend of warm tone with affordability and durability. Moreover, pitch stability makes it easier for users to tune their violins conveniently without any hassles. These strings are an ideal choice for both, beginners, and professionals.


  • Solid steel core makes it durable and provides a warm tone.

  • Comes in multiple scales- ½, ¼, ⅛, 1/16, ¾, and 4/4 scale.

  • Has earned the honor of being awarded the Educator’s choice, making it reliable and go-to option for students and professionals alike.


  • The tension can not be adjusted over medium.
  • Isn’t as consistent as synthetic strings.

Why You Should Buy This?

Given the rich interface and keyboard, it is a good grab. If you have just started learning the piano then it is good as you can practice and learn quickly anywhere. It has high portability and functionality. This roll-up piano follows all the safety measures and is safe for kids. But it can play only three keys at a time so it cannot play complex chords. It is a pretty good deal if you have just started as a pianist or if you want to learn it. It is also good for experts as it will as a great alternative when they are away from their traditional piano.

2. Lujex 88-Keys Roll Up Piano, Upgraded

This piano is sold by the same suppliers as above. They come with standard 88 keys. Besides engulfing all the characteristics of the above product, it has some unique features which make it even more interesting. The manufacturers are strict when it comes to product quality. It is made from environmental silicone which is non-toxic and it also contains MIDI chips technology. Since you cannot bring your conventional piano everywhere with you, it would be a great companion at those times. You can put it in your backpack and can bring your music with you. To add more quality to its characteristics, it is waterproof as well. Let us take a closer look at the product specifications.


  • It comes with 88 standard keys. It has 140 tones and 128 rhythms and these tones and rhythms aren’t adulterated, they are of international standard which is globally followed. The sound is also soft and relaxing, you will like it.

  • The keyboard is made up of environmental silicone which increases durability and strength. It is non-toxic and waterproof. This product has passed the FCC product quality certification.

  • It comes with built-in speakers which are good. The speakers are made professionally. And, if you want to practice silently then attach your headphones and enjoy!

  • It is equipped with the MIDI chips technology which lets you extract your music to a computer.

  • Arrangements for audio input is also made sure. You can just play Mp3 songs from your phone and tune to it.

  • This product has 180 days warranty with a 60 days return policy without any questions asked. It also comes with manual providing instructions on how to use it.


  • The battery is of 1100mAh, which would give you 8-10 hours of functionality on a full charge, so battery efficiency is not that much high.

  • It is well suited for kids and beginners but experts can also find it good when they away from their traditional piano and their setup.

    Why You Should Buy This?

    Well, if you have just developed an interest in piano, this is the perfect product to start with. It comes with 30 demos which will help you to groom your piano skills. Also, it provides a rich keyboard, interface, and design. You can just fold it and keep it in your bag and travel with it. The MIDI chips technology lets you extract your music and edit it to your requirements. It is a must-have accessory for beginners which will surely not disappoint.

    3. PicassoTiles PT49 Kid’s 49-Key Roll-Up Piano Keyboard

    This roll-up piano is made primarily for kids and will help them a lot in learning piano, once they get the basics right with this one, they are surely going to rock while switching to further complex chords. It is made up of high performing rubber and is also non-toxic. It comes with a record and play feature. You can share your kid’s work with close ones and will surely bring a smile on everyone’s face. It is fancy in design with all the rainbow colors on the outer layer which makes it look beautiful and attractive for your kid. Of Couse, it has got more features than just appearing good, have a look below at detailed product specification.


    • It comes with 49 keys, 8 tones and also 6 demo songs so that your kid can enjoy as well as learn.

    • The rainbow colors imprinted on the keyboards will help your kid get a better understanding of colors. It is made with safety considerations for a child. The silicone rubber is non-toxic and is durable.

    • It comes USB power cable and adaptor and can also be connected to an external power source.

    • You can also record your play and can listen to it later. It comes with a great technology which sustains echo, and thus makes the tunes soft and relaxing.

    • It has a power-saving mode which enables auto sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity. The volume is also controllable.

    • It is a roll-up piano that can easily be packed up in a bag.


    • It is made for kids who are new to this fantastic world of music. This roll-up piano is not preferred by experts.

    • You may be expecting more tones and rhythms, but 8 tones, that’s all you will get.

      Why You Should Buy This?

      Seeing the product’s specifications, it is definitely worth your money. It is budget-friendly and also non-hazardous. With its attractive design and functions, it would help your kid to learn the piano even faster. The colorful design of the keyboard helps in a better understanding of colors. Besides taking lessons on a traditional piano it would be a great grab for practicing. The demo songs will also give a hand in learning. So, it is October already, go get it and give your kid a perfect Christmas present.

      4. Rock and Roll It , 49 standard Keys by MUKIKIM

      This roll-up piano has 49 keys of standard norms and 6 demos. It comes with great design and appearance. It has got colorful keys and as the name itself implies, they of all the rainbow colors. It is portable and easy to transport. With its unique functionality of playing by colors makes it an interesting choice. Let’s look closely at the product specifications.


      • You can record your play and can listen afterward.
      • The keyboard is full of rainbow colors and it comes with a play by colour manual which gets you started on interesting different tones. This method of playing piano with provided color-coding makes learning more fascinating.
      • The echo sustain technology makes the tunes soft and realistic.
      • The keyboard is easily foldable and is easy to transport.
      • It runs on batteries and it can be charged whenever necessary, you can also charge it with an included USB cord.
      • It has built-in loudspeakers.


      • The product is not safe near children as it comes with a choking hazard warning for children below 3 years.

      • It may cost you a few more bucks!

        Why You Should Buy This?

        The manufacturers tell us that it has a life of around 6 years. It may sound expensive for a roll-up piano with only limited keys and tones but it is quite a reliable product. This product has been awarded the best product in music instruments and the best toys by three different organizations. This will do everything it says efficiently. So, it will not disappoint you. But, keep it out of reach from kids below 3 years of age as it comes with a choking hazard warning.

        5. 37 Roll Up Piano for Kids by IWORD

        This roll-up piano has a special teaching feature 1K1N which helps your kid learn piano in an interesting and faster way. It is easy to transport, portable and has built-in speakers and also an earphone jack so that work on your secret music. It has an electronic digital keyboard that has 37 standard keys, 8 tones, and 6 demos. Let’s take a closer look at the product specification 


        • This accessory has a special teaching function 1K1N in which all keys are in one tone and you have to just follow the rhythm to make a piece of beautiful music.
        • This accessory has a special teaching function 1K1N in which all keys are in one tone and you have to just follow the rhythm to make a piece of beautiful music.
        • It has AAA+ power-saving design which lets you play for at least 12 hours if you are out of batteries.
        • It has built-in speakers and an earphone jack to choose whichever way you want to play.
        • It is portable and easy to use and transport.
        • The external power supply can also be connected.


        • It supports only three keys at a time and hence cannot play complex chords, it is well suited for beginners.

        Why You Should Buy This?

        This one is a great deal for your kid or for anyone who has just developed a taste in piano. The keyboard is made up of silicone rubber and is non-toxic. It has a few characteristics which improve its implementation. The new 1K1N teaching technology is the icing on the cake as it helps in faster and convenient learning. So, seeing the advancements made in terms of teaching, it is a great grab for beginners and experts can practice too when they are away from their traditional piano.

        6. S61 High-Quality Portable and Flexible Piano (61-Keys)

        Quality is something very important to enhance the user experience and this product does not compromise with quality at any cost as it has a 24-bit microprocessor which is three times faster.

        Its light and thin appearance and flexible and portable design do not hinder its long-lasting capability as it is crafted with silicone which enhances flexibility and durability. It also comes with high-quality built-in loudspeakers making those 100 built-in rhythms and 129 kinds of tones even more soothing and melodious to listen to.

        If you want to move your fingers in solitary its audio jack gives you access to connect your headphones and make some new melody.
        You need not worry about the power backup as it has rechargeable built-in lithium battery, which is environment-friendly too.

        If you want to take your creation to higher-level this allows you to do so, as this can easily be connected with Desktops and Laptops to work on trending applications.

        This can also be a beautiful gift to loved ones and maybe this can help a rising star to enhance his/her budding skills.


        • It can play chords up to 8 notes at least.
        • It comes with the newest 24-bit microprocessor for high processing and built-in speakers for a crisp and vibrant sound.
        • It has 129 kinds of tones, 100 kinds of rhythms and up to 8 tones for chords all built-in.
        • Rich Interface with darkened 5 diatonic scale which offers a professional touch for the beginners.
        • It sets a definite boundary from low quality and cheap products available on the same platform by enhancing rich user experience.
        • Users can connect to MIDI software, SD card, USB, external speakers, external power source, sustain pedal to adopt profession like activates.


        • It is more effective for a beginner to learn like a professional.
        • It cannot play more than 8 tones for a single chord.

          Why You Should Buy This?

          As already stated, it has a vibrant user experience with a high learning opportunity for a beginner. It is a quality product at a very affordable price hence the satisfaction is going to be high. Given its rich interface and diverse offerings in terms of tones and rhythms, it is surely a roll-up piano worth your money.

          7. KikerTech Roll Up Piano with Built-in Speakers

          The Keys of this affordable foldable piano are designed like a real piano that looks and feels like the original acoustic piano.

          This product already provides edge over other products as it has 88 raised Keys for better gripping that provide real experience. With recording, programming and playback function this product sets a benchmark for other products in the market.

          This roll-up design with high contrast keys makes it perfect for classroom settings and light Wight makes the commute easy. 

          Restored original piano length enriches the experience and narrows the difference between original acoustic piano. 

          Its Rubber matte comes with touch sensors that enhance the sensitivity which helps students to learn quicker. 


          • It has 88 Keys and real acoustic piano length gives real experience.
            on 1:1 scaling.
          • Touch sensors enhance the sensitivity which makes quick learning possible.
          • Unique Student/Teaching mode sets this product apart from all market competitions.
          • High-Quality built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity surely shorten the loops.
          • HDMI, SD card, and external speakers enable users to make their space.
          • Its unique design is supported by high-grade harmless silicone which removes the age restrictions.
          • Enhanced power backup with rechargeable lithium batteries.


          • The availability of this product is restricted.

          Why You Should Buy This?

          If you want real experience and want to feels what original acoustic piano feels like you should definitely go for this product. The tones are rich and adulterating sounds would not be there. You would be impressed by its sound quality, also few more characteristics like Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI card, etc. make it distinct from other products and hence it is worth your money. However, they do not sell this product in all parts of the world, but you will find it if you have the passion!

          8. KMUSIC Premium Silicone Roll-Up Piano (61-keys)

          #1 Ranked Roll Up Piano in Market, currently Amazon’s Choice.

          Its innovative roll-up design with high-grade silicone provides a multi-function ability and rich user experience.

          It comes with cutting edge Student/Teacher mode to enhance the learning capabilities for users especially beginners. Its ability to connect to MIDI outlet software, USB 5V, MP3, microphones and sustain pedals allows you to create your space anywhere you want.

          High quality amplifying Speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity and standard record/play features that give crispy and amplified sound quality upgrading the overall experience for the user.

          It is perfect for all ages as it provides profession experience with darkened scaling and high carved keys perfect for making beats and tunes.

          It also has 1100mAh lithium-ion rechargeable batteries providing long-lasting power backup for an uninterrupted learning environment.

          It has a great customer support system that comes with a 90-days warranty against any defects and 30 days money-back guarantee. They surely stand behind their brand.


          • It has 140 built-in tones, 128 built-in rhythms, and 61 darkened keys.
          • Enhanced power backup with rechargeable lithium batteries.
          • Unique Student/Teaching mode sets this product apart from all market competitions.
          • High-Quality built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity surely shorten the loops.
          • HDMI, SD card, and external speakers enable users to make their space.
          • Its unique design is supported by high-grade harmless silicone which removes the age restrictions.
          • It is lightweight (3 pounds) and comes with 30 demo songs to create the mood for better learning.


          • It comes with more features hence take more time to master it. 

          • It can hold chords for up to 4-5 seconds.

            Why You Should Buy This?

            It is the best in the market with a lot of new features that provide a high learning environment. The quality of this product is exceptional at such a reasonable price. Enhanced features and easy to use interface give a rich user interface. This lightweight piano can be used by anyone whether it be a beginner or an expert.

            9. Andoer Foldable 88 – keys Roll-up Piano (US plug)

            This product comes with 88 simulation keys which give contrast user experience. It comes in Black + White colors with vivid LED display. This product offers both a single finger and a multi-finger display. This flexible roll -up piano has preinstalled 30 demo songs.

            Its Digital display surely enables the user to monitor their learnings and to know the features in detail and precision. 

            We can also edit the MIDI file with a visual piano roll which levels up the learning procedures and shortens the time. It adds up a little thrill by making vibrating effects. 


            • High-grade silicone makes it portable and flexible. 

            • It comes with 88 keys which offer real experience. 

            • Vivid LED display gives detailing.

            • It has 140 built-in tones, 128 built-in rhythms, and 30 demo songs. 

            • Enhanced power backup with rechargeable lithium batteries.

            • We can edit MIDI files with this piano. 

            • HDMI, SD card, and external speakers enable users to make their space.


            • It comes with a US plus.

              Why You Should Buy This?

              The LED display and vibrating sounds separate this product from other products.
              This is an exceptional product with many features with an affordable price tag. It uses the MIDI chips technology which is a must-have technology in today’s era of advancement. You can retrieve and edit your music your way. This roll-up piano is definitely worth your money.

              10. ROLL- UP Electric Piano

              You can learn to play the piano without actually buying heavy wooden piano as this roll-up electric piano allows you to lean all those rhythms and chords.
              This comes with 99 rhythms, 15 instrumental sounds, and 10 demo songs which helps the user to start the learning and trying their hands on this portable piano.


              • Rolls up for the easy commute

              • It is lightweight hence easy to carry anywhere. 

              • Realistic piano with 15 instrumental sounds 

              • It also has 3 full octaves of playing range. 

              • It also offers 99 rhythms and 10 demo songs. 


              • It can’t record so that may be a demerit point.

              • They are not compatible with Apple phones and pads, so choose accordingly.

                Why You Should Buy This?

                With demo songs and instrumental songs, it will enhance your learning. Given its limited specifications, it is good for practicing and can be a perfect gift for someone. Since it cannot record and is not compatible with all the devices out there, especially iPhone and iPad. It is worth the money.


                This was the list of some best roll up pianos out there, these roll-up pianos are very helpful for pianists as they are portable and can travel with their owner. So why worry about leaving your traditional piano behind when you can travel with your music with these products out there. These products in the aforementioned list are great in design and are superior to other parallel products. You can go through the detailed pros and cons analysis and can decide for a perfect partner. These roll-up pianos don’t serve just their general purpose of reducing space when folded up, besides that they are good in technological advancements. They will also help in faster learning as these products have found a way to do it. So, keep making music and keep impressing the world. Hope this article helps.