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With so many advancements in both technology and music, a day barely goes by without us listening to music. Whether you are cleaning your house, solving math problems, or driving a car, you are likely to listen to music to lighten the mood and soothe the mind. Now that we are discussing music and car, have you ever heard about subwoofers? If not, then you do not need to worry. Subwoofers are speakers that can be installed in your car to not only provide yourself with quality audio but also spare your normal speakers from wearing off.

Subwoofers may sound to you like luxurious speakers with high prices. However, this is not the case. They surely provide the user with a luxurious feel due to the bass and sound quality but are affordable to everyone. Their fair prices make them more popular and in-demand day by day.

Now that you are quite aware of what subwoofers are, you might be willing to buy the ones that best suit your choice and car. In case you have a small car, then an 8-inches subwoofer system would be the best for you. Now, if you are planning to buy the best 8-inch subwoofer system, then continue reading this article in order to see 10 best 8-inch speakers and their buying guide.

1. KICKER 11HS8 8″ 150W Audio Subwoofer Enclosure

D’Addario Prelude Violin Strings is a solid steel core string that comes in various scales. They provide durability that is unparalleled in its price range, with a warm tone and adjustable tension. It has a quick bow response, which makes it an ideal fit for students and beginners. As far as violin string names go, D’Addario is very well known because of being the Educator’s Choice. It is highly stable when it comes to pitches and tuning, and brings in a unique blend of warm tone with affordability and durability. Moreover, pitch stability makes it easier for users to tune their violins conveniently without any hassles. These strings are an ideal choice for both, beginners, and professionals.


  • Solid steel core makes it durable and provides a warm tone.

  • Comes in multiple scales- ½, ¼, ⅛, 1/16, ¾, and 4/4 scale.

  • Has earned the honor of being awarded the Educator’s choice, making it reliable and go-to option for students and professionals alike.


  • The tension can not be adjusted over medium.
  • Isn’t as consistent as synthetic strings.

2. Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 is an 8-inches shallow subwoofer that has dual 2-ohms voice could and MICA-injected resin cone. The subwoofer can handle up to 150W RMS and has a peak power of 600 watts. Its frequency response is 20-200 Hz and weighs 6.09 pounds. This is that compact size woofer that has the highest power delivery. It has a sensitivity response rating of 86dB. These combinations ensure great quality of sound. Above all, Pioneer 8 inch subwoofer is easy to mount. Furthermore, the designs of these subwoofers make it irresistible for the buyer.


  • It is an 8-inches slim subwoofer and is compact in size. Hence, it can fit inside the car even in tight spaces.
  • The dynamic and powerful range of the subwoofer is its best quality.
  • It delivers a great quality bass tone in 8-inches of size.


  • The voice coils generally get damaged posterior a few months of utilization.

  • It is quite expensive as compared to 8-inches models with similar features.

3. Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer

The Sound Storm LOPRO8 has a MOSFET power supply that provides with high switching speeds and better performance. Since the model comes along with a remote control system, it is user-friendly. The user can control the system while sitting on their seats. Because of this feature, the demand for the model has increased to a great extent. Furthermore, the features of 8*600 vary in low pass and bass boost filters. This hence provides a great sound system. Last but not least, the speaker comes with a 3-year warranty when you purchase it from the above-mentioned link. 


  • The subwoofer produces a good sound system.

  • It is fairly priced and is hence affordable by many.

  • The durability of the woofer is high – it lasts longer than expected.


  • The user may face problems or feel confused while operating the subwoofer.

4. Alphasonik NSW410 Neuron 400 Series Max

This subwoofer is a 10-inches neuron 400 series and is rated at 400 watts RMS and 1200 watts peak power. The frequency response of the speaker is 30-500 Hz and has mounting dimensions of 128mm depth. With a weight of 9.06 pounds, the speaker is attractive in terms of looks.


  • The design is eye-catching, which is why it is a highly sold model.
  • The user can install the subwoofer easily under the seats of their cars.
  • Since it is compact in size and is 8-inches shallow, it can be fit in tight spaces easily.


  • The bass quality is lower than other models of the same-priced range.

5. Rockville RW8CA 8″ 600 W Under-Seat Car Subwoofer

The Low profile subwoofer is a slim model that can be fit under the seat of a sports car very easily due to its compact size. It is capable of producing a peak power of 800 watts and RMS up to 200 watts. This leads to the clear sound that an individual wants. The Rockville RW10CA is also very easy to install and does not require the removal of the receiver. 


  • The installation of the subwoofer is easy and makes work hassle-free.
  • The speaker has an automatic turning on and off the system. This means that when the car’s stereo is switched on or off, it automatically works according to that. This reduces the hassle of turning the sub on and off manually under the seat. 


  • With the installation process, the sound quality is affected to some extent. Hence, it is recommended to install the subwoofer and ensure that it is snugly tightened. 

6. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer

The Alpine PWE-S8 is a small subwoofer than can produce a clean, high-quality sound. It is a 3-inches deep and 13.5-inches long speaker that can fit easily under the car seats even if it is a sports car. With the casting of an aluminum casing, the speaker can produce up to 120 watts RMS. The Alpine powered subwoofer is easy to install due to its small size and can be connected to the sound system with the use of speaker level inputs or the RCA situated on the side panel.


  • It produces a very clear and crisp sound.
  • It is very small in size and is hence easy to be installed anywhere, even in tight spaces.


  • This model of the subwoofer is very expensive as compared to the similar quality models of the same sized speakers. Hence, affordability decreases.

7. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8″ Dual 2-Ohm Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 is an 8-inches shallow subwoofer that has dual 2-ohms voice coils. It has an anodized aluminum cone along with M-Roll Santoprene surround. The 8 shallow mount subs have a power range between 50-159 watts RMS and 75 watts per voice coil. The peak power handling is 300 watts and the frequency response is 38 to 250 Hz. With a sensitivity of 82dB, the speaker has a sealed box volume of .20-.70 cubic feet.


  • These take a very small amount of mounting space.
  • The sound is of great quality, which makes the speaker the best among its kinds.
  • The bass quality is higher than expected.


  • The woofers do not shift as much air as cones with a larger surface area. Hence the bass boost is not as heavy.
  • Unlikely to give the same impression of power as compared to larger shallow mount subwoofers. 

8. Rockford Fosgate PS-8 Punch Single 8″ Amp Subwoofer

The Rockford Fosgate PS-8 is an 8-inches powered shallow mount subwoofer that as a built-in Class-D amplifier of 150 watts RMS. It has a phase control of 0/180 degrees and a remote bass level controller is included. This makes the Rockford Fosgate PS 8 reviews to be boasting that the speaker is user-friendly. Moreover, it has thermal, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection. With the subwoofer, ground, power, and turn-on wires and mounting hardware are included.


  • The small size of the woofer makes the installation easy.
  • Due to the compact size, it can be fit easily in tight spaces.


  • The bass produced might not be enough for many people.

  • The price may not fall under everybody’s budget


9. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 8″ 800 Watt Car Subwoofer

With up to 400 watts RMS, Skar Audio VVX8 has an 800 watts max peak power. The VVX-8V3 has a 2-inches high-temperature voice coils and dual 2-ohms voice coil. The dual voice coil permits an individual to wire differently in such a manner as to pump more bass than 4 ohms of impedance.


  • The high temperature of the voice coil and the cooling design keep the subwoofer from blowing up.

  • The 400-watt RMS and 800W peak power both deliver a low and loud bass.

  • The dual 2-ohm voice coil helps in optimizing the power utilization.


  • Due to the mounting depth, it does not fit perfectly in every vehicle. Hence, ensure that it fits in yours before buying.

10. CT Sounds 8 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer

The CT Sounds Meso 8 has a great power rating and one of the best magnets. This makes the speaker work amazingly well. The dual 4-Ohms voice coil makes it above average subwoofers. The CT sounds 8-inch subwoofer has a double stitched treated paper cone that helps in the delivery of quality bass (loud and low). Moreover, the Y35 magnet also plays a massive role in the production of bass.


  • The quality paper cone helps in the increment of the durability of the subwoofer.

  • The triple-stacked Y35 ferrite magnet produces superior bass.
  • The composite foam surround provides great flexibility.


  • The fitting of these subwoofers in cars is rare, according to various complains of the users.

  • The price is higher as compared to other 8-inches products with similar qualities. Hence, the model is not likely to be in high demand.


Before buying any speakers for your vehicle, you have to see through all the details about the best subs for truck for it to produce professional, high-quality sounds which can last for longer periods of time without blowing up. Some factors are mentioned below that you should consider before buying any of the deep bass subwoofers:

  1. Getting familiar with subwoofers
    As a person, you would want the best sound quality in your vehicle, and for that, you need to learn everything about a subwoofer/speaker as well, such that you can get the best according to your needs. Once you know everything about them, you can easily decide what type of speakers would fit in your surroundings.
    So, what is a Subwoofer and what can be good for professional sound quality at home theatres/movie theatres, studios, and car audio systems?
    A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker made to generate audio frequencies that are low-pitched such as sub-bass and bass. In comparison to frequencies generated by the woofer, a subwoofer has low-frequency generation. 20-200 Hertz is the frequency range for the subwoofer and these are never used alone because they are supposed to enhance the frequency range of the loudspeakers that reach up to higher frequency bands. These are often used to bring bass effects to the home theatre sound systems, consisting of one or more bass speakers fixed in a loudspeaker cabinet with crossover circuits and electronic hardware, in some cases, an amplifier is mounted in the cabinet that has generally a rectangular design, made up of particleboard or high-intensity wood that can resist deformation due to air pressure.
  2. Types of Subwoofers
    There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to the type of subwoofers one should buy. Whether it is to be placed in a car or at home because at home theatres and other places, the speakers have to be more efficient whereas in cars/vehicles space is compact, hence, the speakers can deliver loud, clear and high-quality sounds. Therefore, the characteristics are very important. There are mainly two types of subwoofers:
  • Passive: this type of subwoofer has to be powered by the external amplifier, just like the other speakers in the system. While using this type of subwoofer, we have to keep in mind, that, in order to reproduce low-frequency sounds, extreme bass requires high power. It means that the amplifier must be capable to output enough power to the subwoofer without draining the amp. The amount of power required depends on the intake of the speaker and also on the size of the area or on the maximum amount of bass that could be handled.
  • Powered: this type of subwoofer consists of both, subwoofer speaker and amplifier in the wooden cabinet. This subwoofer operates from AC power and a line output from a home theatre receiver (pre-out, sub out, or LFE out). This kind of arrangement takes a heavy power load from the amplifier/receiver and allowing the amplifier/receiver to power the tweeters and mid-range easily. These are majorly found in home theatre setups. 
  1. Features In a subwoofer, there are a few things you should search for:
  • Size of the Driver: Before we start to buy a subwoofer we should need to know much power it needs. An economical choice would be an 8-inch subwoofer, but it will not be able to generate a nice, heart-beating bass. The most ordinary size of a subwoofer would be 10 inches or 12 inches, which is arguably the most practical because these sizes are capable to cope with all the music tracks while replicating the lowest sounds faithfully. However, if you need to make the ground shake, then you can always opt for a 15-inch sub or possibly even an 18 inch if you want the paint on your walls to peel off.
  • The Frequency Response
    It is a very important point for any subwoofer, as this portrays how low frequencies it can produce. The minimum frequency a human can listen to is 20 hertz, and the subwoofers who can produce as low as 20 hertz or even lower are very expensive, but a good subwoofer must be capable of reaching till around 35 hertz.
  • Powered subwoofers versus passive subwoofers
    Powered subwoofers possess their own power source, while passive subwoofers are to be powered by external amplifiers. A lot of power is required by extreme bass to generate sounds of low frequency and they also put a high strain on an individual’s amplifier and this is the reason being that subwoofers that are powered are always a better choice. The minimum power a subwoofer must contain is 150W to be accurate in the production of sounds without distortion. However, the higher the power, the better.
  1. Down-firing versus Front-facing
    A front-firing subwoofer has a speaker which is put up in a manner as the sound goes from the front or side of the enclosure of the subwoofer.
    The down-firing subwoofer’s speaker bass radiates downwards, which is in the direction of the floor. Both have their own traits, it is upon the choice of usage/individual application. 
  2. Type of Enclosure
    The enclosure of a subwoofer means the place where the speaker is mounted, inside the cabinet. The performance of the subwoofer can have a huge change just by the design of the enclosure which is very crucial.
    Commonly, the designs comprise of acoustic suspension and bass reflex. Acoustic suspension enclosure utilizes a sealed box for giving a bass response, because it produces accurate bass, however, requires high power in comparison to various designs. The enclosure of the bass reflex can add a tunes port that can extend and increase the bass reaction. These are not as precise as the subwoofers of acoustic suspension, but they are more power-efficient. Generally, a port is a hole that exists in a cabinet which releases air that is a good thing because this is a more effectual way to have a good bass response than the bass response sealed enclosures provide. 
  3. Crossover
    It is an electrical circuit which paths all the frequencies, lower than the certain point to a subwoofer, the other frequencies are then left to be controlled by the surround, center, and main speakers. It is mandatory to have a ‘crossover’ frequency of about 100 hertz for any quality subwoofer.
  4. Sound Customization
    Subwoofers, which contain pre-set styles are very useful because they can customize the bass response on the basis of the track.
  5. Size
    The subwoofers’ size does not necessarily tell about its power.
  6. Controls
    A wireless remote/controller helps in making life more opportune. Also, Bluetooth can be very helpful for connectivity.
  7. Integration
    In the end, subwoofer’s performance depends on the total of its elements, since it is an important part of the speakers’ group in an individual’s home theatre.


While getting a subwoofer for your own car may sound difficult, it is not really the case. All you need to do is to go decide your budget, go through the above-mentioned buying guide, follow the steps, and see the products that best fit your needs. The products mentioned in the above article are the best ones in the category of an 8-inch car subwoofer.
Finding a suitable subwoofer includes finding the right size, dimensions, etc. You will also have to decide what kind of bass and sound you want and various other things in order to decide the product to buy. Not only should you be looking for the best sound quality and bass along with the price range but also its durability. What if it is the best subwoofer you have ever purchased but gone off within a couple of months? Therefore, once you go through our buying guide step by step, you will understand what to look for and how to look for it. Then, you may choose among the 10 best subwoofers mentioned above the best suitable for you.
Always remember, never buy anything in a hurry or great excitement. Just let the curiosity stay in you for a while and try researching as much as you can about a certain product, no matter what it is. Then only will you get the best suitable for you according to your budget?