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Whether it is a road trip or a ride to the office, music is what makes the journey happier, easier and more comfortable. When we tune in to the songs of our choice, we get the satisfaction we get nowhere else. Moreover, long rides may even be tiresome. Nonetheless, music makes these rides easier to be taken and smoother to be completed. Therefore, it is best to have such speakers in your car that are melodious to the ears. For this purpose, there are various speakers of different sizes available in the market and online. All you need to do is find the one that best suits you. 

While the 15-inch speaker produces the best sound and bass in the car, there is not enough space for these in various cars. Hence, 10-inch speakers are the best to be used. This is why we are going to discuss the products that count as the best 10-inch subwoofer and the buying guide for these in this article.

1. MTX MB210SP Dual 10″ Enclosure/Amp Combo

D’Addario Prelude Violin Strings is a solid steel core string that comes in various scales. They provide durability that is unparalleled in its price range, with a warm tone and adjustable tension. It has a quick bow response, which makes it an ideal fit for students and beginners. As far as violin string names go, D’Addario is very well known because of being the Educator’s Choice. It is highly stable when it comes to pitches and tuning, and brings in a unique blend of warm tone with affordability and durability. Moreover, pitch stability makes it easier for users to tune their violins conveniently without any hassles. These strings are an ideal choice for both, beginners, and professionals.


  • Solid steel core makes it durable and provides a warm tone.

  • Comes in multiple scales- ½, ¼, ⅛, 1/16, ¾, and 4/4 scale.

  • Has earned the honor of being awarded the Educator’s choice, making it reliable and go-to option for students and professionals alike.


  • The tension can not be adjusted over medium.
  • Isn’t as consistent as synthetic strings.

2. 10″ Car Audio Speaker Subwoofer

The 1000 watt 10-inch subwoofer, as its name suggests, is a highly powered speaker that has a 1000W of maximum power output. The vented and bumped motor construction, foam surround, non-press cone, rubber magnet boot, and non-tiring rubber suspension, all contribute to the subwoofer system as a whole. Moreover, the dual 4 ohm and 90dB impedance ratings also help in clear and crisp sound. The PLPW10D has a diameter of 10 inches and a 4-layer 2-inch dual voice coil. When it comes to subwoofers with the best sound quality and performance, these are among the highly recommended ones.


  • The performance of this subwoofer system is unsurpassed.
  • The features and parts of the product contribute to its durability.
  • The sound quality is perfect.


  • The specially treated foam ring generally blows out in a short while as compared by various users.

3. Rockford Fosgate 10″ 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer

The Rockford Fosgate P300-10 subwoofer system possesses a design known as closed-loop. This makes sure of an optimum performance between enclosure, amplifier, and woofer. The speaker also has a class D amplifier, a remote bass-level control, a year’s warranty, a variable bass boost, a phase switch between 0 degrees and 180 degrees, a frequency response from 35 to 200 Hz, and a variable low-pass crossover. All these parts of the Rockford Fosgate Powered subwoofers help in the sound that is produced in the car. Furthermore, the looks of the subwoofers are also attractive.


  • The price is affordable.

  • The continuous RMS power handling of the model is 400 watts.



  • The sensitivity rating is just 86dB.

  • The deepest frequency response of this model is 27Hz only.

4. Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt Low Profile Subwoofer

In case you are looking for a slim subwoofer system that you can easily fit under the seat of your car or sports car specifically, then this model is the right one for you due to its 10 inches width and 2.7 inches thickness. The Low Profile Subwoofer is not just capable of producing 800 watts peak power but also up to 200W of RMS. This results in its superior sound quality. Furthermore, Rockville RW10CA is easy to install and remove. You will not even have to remove the receiver.


  • The system is extremely easy to install without requiring to utilize numerous cables.
  • The speaker automatically turns on and off when the stereo of the car is switched on or switched off.


  • In a majority of cases, the sound quality is likely to be affected due to installation.


JBL S2 1024SS is a 10-inches non-powered subwoofer system that has a peak power handling of 1000W and RMS of 250W. With a weight of 36 pounds, the product consists of a slipstream port design along with double-flared design, polypropylene cone, and a nominal impedance of single 2 or 4 ohms. This is the only trunk speaker that permits an individual the novelty to pick between two systems. The box of the speaker contains the ported hatchback-style enclosure loaded with a 10 inches woofer and an owner’s manual.


  • The woofer has solid core specs.
  • The price of the subwoofer system is reasonable.
  • The casing of the speaker is durable.
  • The look of the woofer is attractive.
  • There is an option to choose between two values of impedance.


  • The speaker is a little underpowered.
  • The speaker is likely to be very big in the case of smaller vehicles.

6. Sound Storm LOPRO10 Amplified Car Subwoofer

Sound Strom LOPRO10 is a subwoofer system that is built with phase control, which is switchable. The maximum output of the speaker is 1200 Watts Max Power. It comes with both high and low power inputs in order to supports almost all car stereos. Since it is just 3 inches high, it is easier to fit it under the seat of a car. Other features of this low profile amplified subwoofer include a remote control for enhancing the bass to the desired levels of an individual, thermal overload protection circuits, variable low pass filter for additional clarity of music, etc.


  • The speaker is small in height and compact. Hence, it can be fit under the seat of the car very easily.
  • The price of the speaker is fair and will certainly be under the majority’s budget.
  • The woofer comes with a remote control that allows the user to adjust the settings from their seats.


  • The speaker does not offer a lot of power as compared to other models of the same price range.

7. Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)

Kicker Comp 10 is a speaker with the best value, sound quality, and bass under $100. It consists of a vented pole piece in order to dissipate heat, a high-temperature coil wire, and an injection-molded cone, which is super-rigid and has a 360-degree back bracing. It also has handy spring-loaded terminals along with Spiralead tinsel leads. The sound of this model is ribbed in order to deliver the maximum strength at a high excursion rate. You may also find Kicker Subs for Sale online.


  • The pole piece is vented in order to facilitate heat dissipation.
  • The durability of the strong steel basket it high. Moreover, it consists of coil-cooling perimeter venting.


  • The speakers are a pair of 300W instead of 600W as advertised. 

8. Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch Ohm 10-Inch

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 balances price, size, and most importantly, performance very clearly. With its automotive bass performance, it has been attracting customers since it came into the market. The peak power of this model is 1200W and RMS of 600W. the dual voice coil design of the speaker operates at 4 Ohm. This makes it compatible with every monoblock car amplifier. Furthermore, the vertically mounted surround of the Punch 10 Inch Subwoofer is an interesting feature that enhances the efficiency of the cone by approximately 25%.


  • It has a continuous RMS Power of 1200W.
  • It produces a very crisp and clear sound.
  • It is available in both 2 Ohms and 4 Ohms models.
  • It is considered to be strong and has been proven to be durable.


  • Sometimes, the sound of the speaker becomes too loud.


9. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 is listed amongst the best models of speakers due to its bass and overalls sound quality. In spite of its compact size, the bass produced by the woofers is unsurpassed. 10 shallow mount subwoofer required to be recessed 3 1/8 inches for the purpose of mounting. The woofer supports 25-125 Hz low- frequency response that further ensures better sound production. It comprises of a single 4 ohms voice coil that also contributes to sound quality.


  • The frequency response range of the subwoofer system is from 25 to 125 hertz.

  • MICA injected molded resin cone is another feature of the woofer.

  • It consists of a single 4-ohms voice coil design.

  • The speaker has a TMS of 300 watts and peak power of 1200 watts.


  • There is no availability of any enclosure in the package for the need to be built separately.

10. Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 Prime R2S Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 is a 10 inches prime subwoofer that has a sealed truck-style enclosure. It has an impedance of 2-ohm, a frequency response of 38-250Hz, a year’s warranty, 83 dB sensitivity, 400 watts peak power and 100-200 watts RMS. The AW Subs is designed in such a manner as to fit in the tight spaces of the car. The voice coil former of the speaker is made up of anodized aluminum that helps in the dissipation of heat efficiently. Hence, the woofer can maintain low temperatures, resulting in the increment of its durability.


  • Despite its size, the speaker can produce a decent amount of bass.

  • The speaker is highly durable and hence, reliable.

  • The woofer is made of high-quality materials which further makes it better from other speakers.

  • Due to its small size, it can fit easily in cars that have smaller space.


  • Certain screw holes of the woofer are damaged.

  • The bass level is not as high as an individual might require


Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a loudest 10-inch subwoofer, you might be willing to do some research before you spend those dollars. This is why we have formed a buying guide in order to show you the right way towards the speakers you have wanted all this time.

Following are the factors that you must consider before buying the speakers for your car:

#1: First of all, Why Car Subwoofers?

In order to begin, we have mentioned a few benefits of installing subwoofers in your car in case you still have second thoughts.

  • Lengthens the Speakers’ Life: A high volume of bass is likely to be great for sound quality. However, it negatively impacts the speakers. It can increase the speed of its wear and tear as they are not made to handle such powerful sounds.
  • Prevent Distortion: The normal speakers of the car tend to appear distorted if the bass range is reproduced by them. This is generally because the sound is so powerful and the speakers in the car are underperforming. Hence, a subwoofer is a solution.
  • Improvement of the Audio Experience: If you are an audio enthusiast, then this point is needless to be mentioned. Since the normal car stereo has small components, they deliver low audio quality. Adding a subwoofer to your car can improve your audio experience to a great extent.

#2: Active Subwoofers or Passive?

In case you have never heard of these kinds, subwoofers are divided into two categories: active and passive. While active subwoofers are the ones that possess their own amplifier source build or power, the passive subwoofers are required to be powered through outside source or amplifier.

#3: Working the Numbers

When you have made up your mind to buy a subwoofer for your car, check the capability and power of your car’s system in order to narrow down your search to the kind of subwoofer you can have in your car. Never buy a big subwoofer for a weak system that has a weak amplifier. It is not necessary to be an audio expert to see the numbers. Root Mean Squared or RMS is the most prominent one that portrays the power put out by an amp while powering an audio system or a vehicle. Therefore, you must first match the subwoofer’s RMS index to the amplifier’s.

#4: Custom Made Subwoofer or Easy to Install?

The kind of car audio system you wish to build will answer the question. In case you want off the shelf, pre-build, easy to install components, then go for enclosed subwoofers.

#5: Dimensions and Size

The limiting factor in buying a subwoofer for your car is its dimensions. Although 15-inch subwoofers produce the best bass and sound quality, 10-inch woofers may fit in your car. Therefore, it is essential to check the space available in your car instead of opting for the size of your own choice.

The most common sizes of subwoofers are 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches. However, the 10” sub is the most suitable for the majority of cars.

#6: Power

In case you want a subwoofer system that blooms, there is not any substitute for a lot of power. Always check RMS power ratings instead of peak power handling. Ensure that the subwoofer can handle your amplifier’s output power.

#7: Frequency Range

The frequency range signifies how low a subwoofer can actually play. However, this is not it. The performance of the woofer depends on various factors like the kind of box it is fixed in.

#8: Sensitivity

Sensitivity and power altogether result in high outputs. A subwoofer that possesses a higher sensitivity rating needs less power for the production of same amount of sound as a model that has a lower sensitivity rating.

#9: Number of Voice Coils

The most popular choice of enthusiasts of car audio is subwoofers with dual voice coil. These have their own connections, connected to a common cone, and are mounted on one cylinder.

#10: Kind of Enclosure

Sealed boxes provide users with the most accurate, deepest sound, while bandpass and ported enclosures produce more sound (volume).

#11: Impedance

Various subwoofers are rated at 4 Ohms of Impedance. When you choose a subwoofer, you should look for the amplifiers that match up to your subwoofer in terms of impedance and power rating. A wide variety of amplifiers are available. Therefore, you are least likely to have trouble looking for these.

#12: Things you will Require

There are numerous things that you will require when you buy the subwoofer for your car. Following is a list of these things:

  • In order to drive the component subwoofer, you will require an amplifier.
  • In case you purchase a component subwoofer, you will require the proper enclosure.
  • If you wish to prevent the rattles from your subwoofer and reduce road noise to provide yourself with richer and louder bass, go for a Dynamat kit.
  • If you wish to make the subwoofer louder (and more efficient), get a polyester fiber box stuffing that slows the sound waves inside a subwoofer box.
  • In case you wish to build your own subwoofer enclosure, then get a box building hardware.
  • You are likely to need speaker wire and an amp wiring kit in order to send power and signal to pre-loaded sub/amp combo or a sub box.

#13: Kinds of Enclosures – Bandpass, Ported, or Sealed?

The performance of a subwoofer depends largely on the kind of its enclosure. The following are the three major kinds of enclosures:

  • Bandpass enclosure: Bandpass boxes are generally special kinds of ported boxes. This is considered to be the best suitable among the fans of aggressive sounds like fast rap, heavy metal, etc.
  • Ported enclosure: These utilize vents or ports to permit the movement of air in and out of the enclosure for the production of loud and low bass tones. These generate more vibrating, louder bass as compared to sealed boxes that are ideal for hard-driving music like rap, metal, and rock. Nonetheless, they are way bigger than sealed enclosures.
  • Sealed enclosure: If you love warm, rich, tight, and accurate bass, then this would be the best recommendation for you. These kinds of boxes give airtight enclosures that permit subwoofers to do fantastically well. However, these require more power as compared to ported boxes.

#14: Budget

Last but not least, the most important factor is the budget you have for the subwoofers. When it comes to 10-inch subs, a majority of them are fairly priced and worthy of the money. Once you set your budget, you will be able to narrow down your possibilities. This will help you stay clear and less confused regarding the purchase you would like to make.


    Music is the remedy to everything. When it comes to listening to music in the car, why not listen to quality audio when you can buy a subwoofer under your budget? The same goes the other way round. If you want to listen to good quality music, why not get a subs 10 for yourself? Once you have decided that you wish to purchase one to please your ears, then you will have to be very clear with the concepts that you must know.
    Buying the perfect subwoofer for your car is not an easy task. You will have to know about the types, sizes, dimensions, how they work, installing them, etc.
    Therefore, when you are ready to buy subs for your car and are not sure which one to buy, go through the buying guide of this article properly, and follow each instruction to get the perfect subwoofer for yourself. Once you are done with narrowing your choices, you may consider the products mentioned at the beginning of the article. You must be responsible enough to differentiate between your own choices. This way, you will make a decision that you will never regret.
    Apart from all this, you must always remember one thing – never buy a product just by looking at its price. Sometimes lower-priced items can be good and higher-priced may let you down. Therefore, always go through our buying guides, reviews, and products before purchasing an item for yourself. After all, that money you have is valuable.